Gaining Weight & Doing Great!!

26 Aug

YOU GUYS!!!!!!

I just got an update from my agency– Theo is doing great and gaining weight in the hospital!!!  I received 4 new photos and the original report from his visit to the doctor last week before he was admitted to the hospital.  The report doesn’t say much, it is just a one page form with his name, age, gender, weight/height/head cir. and his diagnosis, which is “acute severe malnutrition”.

Theo is 21 months old.  His weight upon admittance to the hospital was 14.7 lbs, length was 24 inches.  I’m excited to see how he grows in the coming weeks!!

The doctor wrote on his report that Theo needed to be admitted to a “feeding center”.  What he meant in an orphanage (technically, they are called a “feeding center”).  The sad thing is he didn’t realized the Theo had already been in a “feeding center”.  That’s how bad the malnutrition was.  SO thankful he is in the hospital now.

The pictures of him are glorious. SIMPLY GLORIOUS!!  I wish I could share them because he is, indeed, the cutest baby alive.  Ever.  Cutest baby to ever live.  NO I’m not biased.  He is smiling in the pictures and even resting his head on a woman’s leg all cuddly-like in one of the pics (I’m assuming this lucky lady is his nanny).  I’m SUPER jealous of this lady, but glad she is there to snuggle my boy when I can’t!  He looks so much better already.


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