Taking a Deep Breath

19 Aug

I just spoke with our case worker once again about Theo’s condition and I got some more details that have greatly comforted my heart.  We are still waiting for the doctors full report but we know that is condition is not as dire as I had feared.  Praise God!  One of the main reasons he is being admitted to the hospital is because we know that we cannot hold the orphanage accountable to get him healthy.  They COULD feed him the high nutrient formula that I sent over with another traveling family this week and get him to a place of stable health but there is no way to guarantee that.  The orphanage director is very defensive, not open to outside input and very hard to work with so it is best for him to be removed from there and be in an environment where his care can be better controlled.  Our agency pushed to have him admitted to the hospital so that what the doctor prescribed for his care WILL happen.  Having him in the hospital will give our agency staff better access to him so they can get me update a couple times a week on his condition.  He will also have one-on-one nanny care, which is something we all want for him as well!!  He can’t get that in the orphanage but in the hospital, it is policy.  My case worker also assured me that my agency has had many children in Theo’s condition admitted to the hospital for better care over the years, and all of them have come out thriving and gone home to their forever families.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and prayer, please keep it coming!  I will keep you all updated when I know more.

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