19 Nov

After 3yr and 9 months in this adoption process, we have finally received a referral for a precious boy!!!!!!  We are already falling in love with him and over the moon excited to meet him and bring him home.  More details to come about all that!

We are wasting no time and getting right into fundraising for travel costs. INTRODUCING>>>>
SUPER HERO CAPES! $20 each, flat rate shipping $5, no matter how many you buy. These will make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers! Super cute color for boys and girls! They will fit a child through age 10. If you are interested in purchasing a cape or two just leave a comment and I will send you a message with payment options. You can also email me here: annaktimmer(at)gmail.com

I hope to place two orders before Christmas, and we’ll continue ordering after that if there is enough interest!!!superhero

These are double lined satin capes. And the superheros and colors we will have available are listed below:

1 = Superman (Red on top & Blue underneath)
2= Superman (Blue on top & red underneath)
3 = Batman (black on top & yellow underneath)
4 = Robin (red on top & green underneath)
5 = Flash (red on top & yellow underneath)
6 = Captain America (blue on top & red underneath)
7 = Spiderman (red on top & black underneath)
8 = Green Lantern (Green on top & Silver underneath)
9 = Batgirl (black on top & fuchsia underneath)
10 = Wonder Woman (red on top & blue underneath)
11 = Spidergirl (Purple on top & pink underneath)
12 = Supergirl (pink on top & silver underneath)
13 = Iron Man (Red on top & Yellow underneath)
14 = Thor (Red on top & Black underneath)
15 = Hulk (Green on top & Purple underneath)

Also, I’ve have an Etsy shop, the proceeds of which go straight to our adoption fun. I would love for you to check it out and share with friends.


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