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Let’s Recap

18 Dec

Because it has been a trillion years since I’ve written consistently and we have been in this adoption process for SO FREAKING LONG (2 yrs and 9 months, baby), I thought it might be helpful to do a little recap of our timeline.  Here is a concise report of what has conspired over the past three years of our adoption journey…

Jan 2011 — Josh and Anna start researching adoption agencies and international adoption programs.

Feb 2011 — An agency is chosen (Children’s House International) and our first email is sent to our Social Worker.

March 2011 — First home study meeting and decision made to adopt from Uganda.

July 2011 — Home Study Complete

Aug 2011 — Immigration approval received from the Dept. of Homeland Security (USCIS).

Sept 2011 — Dossier sent to Uganda

Nov 2011 — We left our agency (CHI) and started working with Lifeline Children’s Services.

Feb 2012 — Referral recieved for a 10 month old girl from Uganda!

April 2012 — Lost the referral.  Due to some big policy changes in the Uganda adoption program, Josh and I decided God was closing that door for our family and switched to the Ethiopia program.

May 2012 — We start redoing all our paperwork and our dossier for Ethiopia.

Mother’s Day 2012 — After much thought and prayer we decided to try and get pregnant while in the adoption process.  We knew we had a long wait ahead of us and wanted to start our family.

Summer of 2012 — Garage sale adoption fundraisers and lots of paperwork to get our dossier ready for Ethiopia.

August 2012 — Ethiopian Dossier completed and sent for authentication.  AND we find out we’re pregnant (exactly 3 months after going off birth control)!

Sept 2012 — Dossier arrives in Ethiopia and we are officially added to the waiting list.  We’re #84 and are told it will be an 11-12 month wait.

Sept 2012 and following — Waiting, waiting, waiting and slowly moving up on the waiting list. Each month is different and we have no idea how things will progress. Some months we move zero spots, others as many as 16.

May 2013 — Giselle Rose is born!!!!!!!!!  We are completely in love!  Still aching for and anticipating the addition of our adopted children.

June 2013 — Ethiopia announces another change in policy and the institution of the new PAIR process (Pre-Adoption Immigration Review).  This new procedure will lengthen the time between receiving a referral and taking your first trip to Ethiopia.  After being matched with a child, instead of bringing them home in 3-6 months, it will now take 6-8 months.

July 2013 — Home study expires and has to be redone, along with FIB fingerprints (the fingerprints are only good for 18 months, HS for two years).  More money paid out for these services simply because of the fact the the adoption process is taking so long.

Sept 2013 — a year has passed and we are still on the waiting list, not even close to the top.

Dec 2013 — Still waiting….. we’ve moved to #28 on the waiting list and things are moving slowly.  I expect it will be at least 6 months before we receive a referral, then an additional 6-8 months before we bring our child(ren) home.  Also we’re notified that our fingerprints for Immigration will be expiring in March 2014 and we need to start the process of getting them renewed…..this will cost another $900.  :o(

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!   That’s kind of how I feel about this long long long loooong process.  More on that later….


Well this is embarrassing.

18 Dec

Hi, remember me?  You know, the person who used to write on this blog?  No?  Well that’s because I haven’t written in OVER A YEAR.  It’s shameful, really, and quite embarrassing as well.

IMG_7059To be fair, I have written many, MANY blogs in my head….but I guess that doesn’t count for much when I don’t take have the time to sit down and type them out?

Where has the time gone, anyway?  Oh yeah…. I got pregnant, was teaching full time, growing a human being, then giving birth to that human being, then keeping said human alive with milk made from scratch by my own body (which is harder than it sounds).

…you know, no biggie.

Really, though — all joking aside, I am truly ashamed of how long it has been since I’ve updated this blog!  It is not because things haven’t been happening with our adoption or because I don’t have things to share.  Quite the opposite actually.  In this busy season of becoming a new mom I have had SOOOOO many thoughts on this adoption and learned so much.

NO, I did not forget about my future children overseas because I have a bio babe in arms now.

NO, we have not lost interest in adopting or changed our minds because we now have a child “of our own”.

HavinIMG_9403-006g Giselle has actually burdened our hearts even more for adoption.  Becoming a mom has shown me first hand how precious and helpless a new baby is, how much they depend on their parents (or caregiver) to meet their every physical need, and how they crave the emotional bond created through our gentle touch, constant love and faithful care.  It breaks my heart to think of all the children Giselle’s age who are denied those things – which are so vital to their existence – and the deep impact that will have on their lives.

I have shed tears over this reality many times in the past year, especially when Giselle was brand new and we rushed to her rescue every time we heard that pitiful, helpless newborn cry.  There are so many children who cry and no one comes for them.

All that to say, I’M BACK.  Giselle is almost 7 months old and I’m feeling kind of normal again.  Time to get back to this blog and continue to share this journey with anyone who wants to come along!