Final Garage Sale & Fundraising Total….

30 Jul

We had our third and final garage sale on Friday and Saturday.  It was pretty slow, but by the end of the weekend we’d raised $600.  Not too shabby!  When the first DAY of the first garage sale you’ve ever done brings in $1,200, every other garage sale for the rest of your life will desperately fall short. Our first garage sale was Memorial Day weekend, on a Friday and Saturday. I think it was so successful for a number of reasons…

1. We had a lot of BIG items (beds, toddler beds, couches, desks, tables, etc).

2. It was the very beginning of the garage sale season and people were excited to get shopping.

3. School was in session and we live right next door to an elementary school.  There were hundreds of parents and school staff coming and going.  This brought in a lot of traffic!

4. We weren’t competing with 17 million other garage sales.

All of these factors combined to bring us huge success for our first garage sale.  The second garage sale was tough because it rained for half of the first day (which was a Friday) and we couldn’t do it the second day because it was raining.  Our third garage sale felt very much like the “end of garage sale season”.  People trickled in and out, there were a lot of “drive-bys” without stopping, and although I’d marked everything way down, people still wanted to pay only half the marked price.  That was a little frustrating!

But overall I feel that these garage sales were a huge success and definitely the best fundraiser we can do.  I would recommend this fundraiser to anyone and would definitely do it again myself.  But probably not til next summer…. :o)

Ready for the grand total???  Drum roll please……………

After three garage sales and a handful of eBay and Craigslist sales, we have raised $3,200 this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  God is so good.  And thank you so much to all of you who donated items for us to sell.  We feel so grateful and so blessed by everyone’s willingness to pitch in.  We still have many items listed on eBay and Craigslist, so the funds are still coming in!


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