The Paper Chase: Round 2

18 Jul

So remember last summer when I was working feverishly on a little thing we adoption peeps call the paper chase, trying to get all our paperwork done so we could get on the waiting list for a baby from Ug?  Well, guess what?  Now that we’ve switched countries I get to do it all over again!  Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic.  I don’t have to do it ALL over again, but there was still a decent amount of paperwork that had to be collected or redone to get our dossier ready for Eth.  I’ll spare you all the boring details and just say that I’m so relieved we are almost done with the paperwork we need for our dossier.  We are just waiting on a few more documents that we’ve already requested from the powers that be, so you can pray with us that we get those SOON.  We’ve sent our agency all the documents we have so far and they’ve already begun to process them and get them ready to be sent to Eth.  At the rate things are going, I suspect our dossier will be in Eth and we’ll be added to the waiting list (for a BABY!) by mid or late August.  It’s so strange that it will be almost exactly a year ago that we were put on the waiting list for a baby from Ug.

There have been many times in the past few months when I’ve felt a deep sense of tiredness.  Not physical exhaustion but more like emotional fatigue. I’m thankful we’ve not had to completely start over from scratch but I am so looking forward to crossing another milestone on this journey.  Once we’re added to the waiting list it will be 6-9 months until we’re matched with a baby.  Please, God, let that time fly!

And here’s a little something for those of you who love boring details.  Below is a list of all the documents we had to collect for our Eth dossier.  I’ve made notes next to each one regarding whether we had to redo it or could use what we had from our Ug. dossier.  All the things in bold are documents I didn’t have from the Ug. dossier or ones I had to have redone because they were expired.  Enjoy!

  1. Letter of Intent — Notarized (This is a letter to the Ethiopian Director of the Ministry of Women & Children’s Affairs, indicating why we want to adopt from Eth and what we hope to provide for our adopted child, etc, etc.)
  2. Government-Issued (Certified) Birth Certificate (already had these from previous dossier)
  3. Government-Issued (Certified) Marriage Certificate (the one I had wasn’t certified so I had to order one of these)
  4. “Good Conduct” Letters  — Notarized (from local police department…basically they are statements of criminal clearance).
  5. Original Medical Report — Notarized (We had to have these redone because they were expired)
  6. One original copy of our Home Study — (Because we switched countries, we had to get this updated).
  7. USCIS Approval — Whenever our Home Study is updated, we have to send it into USCIS (Immigration) and they re-approve us.
  8. Letter of Employment Verification — Notarized (Both of ours had to be redone because they were over 1 year old).
  9. Bank Letter — Notarized (This had to be redone because the notarization was expiring soon).
  10. Financial Statement — Notarized (this was a document we had to fill out about our financial situation, income, bills, etc).
  11. Letter From Health Insurance Provider (stating that our adopted child will be covered by our health insurance.  I had to get this redone because it was over a year old as well.)
  12. Letter From Life Insurance Provider (stating that Josh has a policy and how much it covers. We did not need this for the Ug. dossier so it was a new document we had to get.)
  13. Three Letters of Reference — Notarized (We had the letters already, but they weren’t notarized so we had to send them back to our friends and have them get notarized).
  14. Obligation of Adoption-Reporting Commitment — Notarized (this was just a form from our agency that we needed to sign).
  15. Power of Attorney — 3 copies Notarized
  16. Copies of Passports
  17. Passport sized photos (two of each of us)
  18. Tax Returns from the past two years

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