Garage Sale #2

18 Jul

We had our 2nd garage sale scheduled for Friday and Saturday, June 29th-30th.  There was a lot of decent stuff left over from our first garage sale and more wonderful donations kept coming from friends and family.  The weather forecast said “A” shower around 10am on Friday, then clouds and sun the rest of the day.  Saturday was not looking so good but we decided to go ahead and set up for Friday, hoping the shower would come and go and not cause us too much trouble.  Wellllllllllllllll, A SHOWER turned into an entire morning of “showering” non-stop.  However, it conveniently didn’t start showering until after we’d set up a ton of stuff outside.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband and father-in-law came to the rescue by covering everything with plastic tarps.  Because I had put signs up everywhere and posted on Craigslist, we actually had a steady stream of people all morning.  Every time we thought about packing things up, another person would show up.  We have a garage and large basement so we used that area to set up as well.  By about noon, the drizzle burned off and the rest of the day was just muggy with clouds and bursts of sunshine.  Believe it or not, we ended up making over $700 on Friday!   Not bad for one day that was raining for half the time!  God is good.  We didn’t bother setting up on Saturday because it rained on and off all day.  We’ll be finishing off our garage sale extravaganza the last weekend of July.  Hopefully we can sell everything!

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