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Garage Sale #1 Success!

1 Jun

We had our first garage sale fundraiser last weekend and it was a huge success.  Thanks to the generous donations of our friends and family, we made a little over……………….drum roll, please…………………..


Yes, you read that right!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude right now.  It was such a fun weekend, too.  We had awesome weather and got the chance to meet tons of our neighbors.  SO cool.  My mom and grandma came up to help us prep and run the garage sale, then Josh’s family helped us with clean up.

We are planning to do one (or two or five?) more garage sale fundraisers.  Yes, we have left over stuff, but we are also taking donations for our future garage sales as well.  We’ve already had half a dozen friends tell us they have stuff to donate to the next garage sale!  Yay!

Again, I’m so overwhelmed with thanks.

The $1,700 we raised at this garage sale will go towards our travel expenses when we travel twice to Ethiopia. The first trip will be to meet our child and go to court, the second to pick up the little baby-cakes and bring him/her FOREVER HOME.  Depending on what time of year you travel to Ethiopia, one plane ticket can be anywhere from $1200 to over $2,000.  February seems to be the cheapest time to travel and June is the most expensive.  Unfortunately, we have NO control over when we fly to Ethiopia.  It all depends on when we get a court date and when our baby’s visa is ready.

That is still a long time from now, seeing as we are not even on the waiting list to be matched with a child yet.  STILL working on the paperwork for the Ethiopia Dossier.  More on that to come later….