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Scentsy Fundraiser

20 Jan

Hello All!

A very kind friend has offered to do a fundraiser for us through her Scentsy business.  She is actually a friend of a friend I met through a facebook adoption group, and she is preparing to leave for Uganda in less than a week to pick up her own little girl!  It’s so sweet that she’s doing this for us with everything else she has going on right now.

From now until Thursday, January 26th, Mary Harriman Thew will donate a portion of all her Scentsy sales to our adoption.  Follow this link to purchase Scentsy on our behalf!  You’ll help us raise funds for our adoption and fill your home with the fabulous Scentsy aromas and decor!!

Click this link to go to Mary’s Scentsy page:

Scroll through the names on her list of open parties under the “My Open Parties” tab below her picture.

Find our name and click “buy from party”

Now you should be on our party home page.  Shop to your hearts content and PLEASE, by all means, tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


Petition for Adoption Tax Credit/Refund

9 Jan

Please take 30 seconds to follow this link and sign this petition in support of the Adoption Tax Credit.  This tax credit/refund is SO SO SO CRUCIAL to families adopting both domestically and internationally.  For many families, this is the only way they can afford to adopt.  If you care at all about orphans finding forever homes, please sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know.  THANK YOU!

Adoption Tax Refund Petition


Is Adoption Risky?

7 Jan

I’m borrowing this from another adoption blog because he said it so well…..


Is adoption risky?
“You have taken a big risk. I am so glad it has worked out for you.”

“You have been very lucky.”

“You are fortunate that things are going so well.”

My wife and I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from friends and family that care for us so much. This long exhale comes now that it seems like all is well with our family after our recent Ethiopian adoption. After all, we did take a big risk.

Or did we?

My wife and I don’t feel like we bet the farm. Did we really jeopardize our family? Did we jeopardize our relationship with our birth children? Did we really jeopardize our sanity? (OK, yes, I will give you that one. But our sanity was nearly gone anyway.)

Is adoption risky?

I think that adoption carries no more inherent risk than having a birth child. There is a great cloud of uncertainty surrounding a potential birth child. All of the possible birth defects, complications, the child’s personality, even gender can’t be known prior to conception when you are debating on whether or not to have a child. With an adopted child, certainly more is known about such things. Of course there are other unknowns. Were they loved by their parents? What experiences have they had? Have they been traumatized? Are they well adjusted? These unknowns feel more foreign to us than the more familiar unknowns of a birth child.

Even if one concludes that adoption is more risky, the next question is this:

For what are we willing to risk?

In American society, we are willing to take all sorts of risks. We sell short, buy stocks on margin, use home equity lines of credit for vacations, drive fast on interstates while talking on cell phones, develop tan lines, go bungee jumping, and eat fast food more often than we should.

If we are willing to take these risks — to risk for self gain and self pleasure — then let us also be willing to risk for others. And what better risk to take than for a child in need of a family.

John Piper says, “Risk is right.” And so it is.

(Crazy D, adoptive dad)

Coffee Fundraiser

2 Jan

Would you like to enjoy delicious coffee from all over the world, and at the same time help Josh and I raise money for our adoption expenses?  What’s that you say?  Yes?  You’ve been looking for a way to make your morning cup of joe even MORE enjoyable and meaningful than it already is?  Well, I’m so happy to hear that because I have just the solution for you!

Josh and I have just started our first adoption fundraiser with an organization called Just Love Coffee.  This wonderful company sells organic, fair-trade coffees from all over the world and at the same time empowers adoptive families to raise the money they need to bring their children home. And the best part — its super simple.  All you need to do is follow this link to our personal JustLoveCoffee page, click on “shop & support” and purchase coffee.  It’s all done online and your coffee is shipped right to your door!  For every bag of coffee sold, Josh and I receive $5 towards our adoption expenses.  You’re going to buy coffee anyway, so why not help support our adoption at the same time?  ;o)

This fundraiser does not have an end date.  We will just keep it going until we bring our babies home.  You can also click on the “coffee fundraiser” icon on the right sidebar to go to our JustLoveCoffee page at any time.

Thanks for your support!