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Update On Adopting Two Children

30 Dec

The longer we are on this adoption journey, the more Josh and I are finding that it is much harder than we thought to adopt two children at one time from Ug*nda.  Since we started the adoption process in March 2011 we have discovered two things about Ug*ndan adoption

1. It is very hard to adopt a baby under 1 year old with no major health concerns.  This is for a variety of reasons.  Ug*nda has a budding domestic adoption program, which is awesome.  More and more Ug*ndan families are stepping up to provide homes for their orphans.  However, it is most common for Ug*ndans to adopt babies, leaving many toddlers and older children that need homes.  In addition, a significant number of adoptive families (domestic and international) want to adopt a baby 0-2 yrs old.  Josh and I are definitely open to adopting a toddler or older child in the future, but being first time parents we don’t feel ready for that right now.  Most of the children being adopted through our agency right now are between the ages 2-3 yrs old, the youngest they’ve placed recently being 15 months.

2. It is very tricky to bring home two unrelated children at the same time.  The best way to ensure the adoption of two children at one time is to wait for twins or siblings to become available.  Twin and sibling sets are both rare, especially those under 2 or 3 years old.  Adopting twins would be our best option, but we could be waiting a very long time if we were only willing to adopt twins.  We can adopt two unrelated children, but this is where things get tricky.  The Ug*ndan court system treats unrelated children as totally separate cases, even if they are being adopted by the same family.  This means there are two separate court dates because the children’s cases are completely separate.  There is also an issue with getting two referrals at one time.  Most likely, we’ll get a referral for one baby (if there are no twins available).  Upon accepting the referral, we could be in Ug*nda a month or two later for the court date to pick up our child.  So when we get our first referral, we’d have a decision to make.  Do we go ahead and get our baby home as soon as possible (which is what this mama’s heart is going to want very badly!) or do we wait until we get a 2nd referral, not knowing how many weeks or months it could take for a 2nd referral to come? And how long are we willing to wait for that 2nd referral when we know we already have one child in Ug*nda waiting for us to bring him/her home??

You can see why this will be a tough decision.  All that said, we are NOT giving up on adopting two children right now.  We believe that God is in control and He has the best plan for building our family.  He has made it SO CLEAR that He is in control of this adoption.  At this point, we’ve done whatever we can to open the doors for the adoption of two children, but only GOD can make that happen.  Each step we take on this journey makes me realize what an absolute miracle it is to even be able to adopt one child.    All we can do is take one step at a time and trust that God knows the desires of our hearts and His plan is better than any plan we could ever dream up!


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20 Dec

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Password Protected Posts

1 Dec

I really want this blog to be a place that friends and family can check to find updates about our adoption so that we can share this journey with those we love, and so that I don’t have to re-tell this information over and over!  But from time to time there will be info I want to share that I don’t want to be totally public.  These posts will be password protected.  Feel free to email me and I’ll send you the password.


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1 Dec

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