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Dossier is leaving on a jet plane!!!

7 Oct

I just got this email from Claire, our adoption case worker.  Our Dossier is being sent to Uganda TODAY.

Friday, October 7th — a day to remember forever!

Hi Anna,

I hope you are having a great Friday.  I wanted to let you know that your dossier will be sent to Uganda today!!!  Congratulations to you and Joshua for all of your hard work.

The next step for you is to wait for the referral.  We hope to have a referral for your family as quickly as possible.  After our staff has recieved your dossier, they will present it to the orphanage.  The orphanage will review the dossier and then approve your family to adopt.  Following this approval you will be “in line” to be matched with your children based on your request.  Our first dossier was sent to Uganda this summer and we are still waiting for a referral.  I will keep you posted on when referrals come so we can gauge what to expect for the wait time until referral.

Make sure you guys celebrate this weekend!




What I’ve Learned About Children

7 Oct

My niece, Olivia, on at an Easter Egg hunt last spring.

For the past 4 1/2 years I have been working with children in some capacity.  Before teaching, I didn’t have much experience with children.  I’m so thankful for my job because it has helped me to learn many valuable things about children that will really help me as a parent.  I’ve been spending some time reflecting and thinking about my babies as I prepare to become a parent.  Below are some of the things I’ve learned about children the past few years….

  • Children need tangible consequences for their actions, both good and bad, especially young children who do not have the abstract thinking aspect.
  • The punishment should fit the crime
  • Children need to hear when and why you’re proud of them.
  • Children crave boundaries.  They want to succeed and please you so badly and knowing what’s expected of them is half that battle.
  • Children need to be listened to and heard, even when their stories seem trivial or repetitive (probably more than ever at these times!)
  • Yelling almost always does more harm than good.
  • When it comes to discipline, CONSISTENCY is everything.
  • Self-image is something children start to develop at a very young age.  They need to know that who they are is OK.  They are who they are and that is a unique and special person.  Sound very cliche-ish but kids need this confidence from day one!
  • Children need to feel “safe.”  I see this especially in my classroom, as a teacher.  When kids come through my door, I might have no idea what’s going on at home and what they’re bringing in with them.  I want them to feel safe and know that regardless of what’s going on at home, when they’re at school they can feel loved and secure.