Dossier is in the mail!

28 Sep

We finally received the last document we needed to complete our dossier on Friday.  Over the weekend we got the last couple things notarized and yesterday we Fed Ex-ed it to our agency.  YES!!!!!  This is such a huge step!!!  Our case worker will look at all the documents in our dossier, then send them to the appropriate County, State, and Consulate for the certification and authentication process.  After all this our dossier is sent to the Secretary of State for the final authentication.  Once this happens, CAN (our agency) will get a letter of approval from the Embassy and our dossier will be sent to Uganda, where it will be translated and processed in their court system.

All these months of labor, paperwork, phone calls, meetings, reading, research, planning, discussions, appointments, questions, tears, prayers, and hopes have been compiled neatly into a Fed Ex envelope.  And…..its out of my hands now!

From here on out we just wait

……wait to hear that our dossier as been authenticated

…..wait to hear that the letter from the Embassy has arrived

…..wait to hear that our dossier has been processed in Uganda and their adoption officials have approved it

……wait to hear that they have BABIES for US!!!!

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