The Paper Chase

20 Aug

The Paper Chase is the adoptive mother’s version of labor.  It is a long, tedious process of collecting all sorts of official documents, most of which need to be notarized.  Here is a list of what we had to collect (most of these we needed one for Josh and one for me):

  • Marriage License
  • Birth Certificates
  • Copy of Passport signature and photo pages (notarized)
  • Copy of Driver’s Licenses (notarized)
  • WA State Criminal Check (notarized)
  • Child Abuse & Neglect background check
  • FBI fingerprinting and background check
  • Employment Verification Letter (notarized)
  • Medical Form (notarized)
  • Financial Statement (notarized)
  • IRS 1040 Form (notarized)
  • Bank Reference Letter (notarized)
  • Original Home Study Report (notarized)

    Josh and I mailing our first set of documents to our adoptoin agency. Yay!

  • Home Study Agency License (notarized)
  • Copy of Social Worker’s License (notarized)
  • Insurance Company Letter
  • Passport Sized Photos (4 of each parent)
  • 4×6 Photos of family/home, photo of child’s bedroom
  • Foster Policy Form from Orphanage (notarized)
  • 5 Reference Letters
  • Proof of Residence (notarized)
  • Guardianship Form
  • Parent Education Certificates
  • Separate Power of Attorney for all staff members handling our documents (notarized)
  • Post Placement Verification Form
  • Client Contact Information Sheet
  • Letter to MGLSD
  • I-600A(this is the form we send into Homeland Security to get approval to make our baby a US citizen through adoption)
  • I-171H (notarized) (this is the form Homeland Security sends back to us after they’ve approved our I-600A.  We take it with us to Uganda to present in the court when we legalize the adoption. It shows their government that our government is granting US citizenship to our baby).

I know this looks like a very long and confusing list of documents, and I felt intimidated the first time I looked at it as well.  But believe me when I say it is not nearly as hard as it looks!  Our paperwork has come together so easily and much quicker than I thought it would.  The notarizing could have been a real pain, but we were able to get most things notarized for free (at our bank or by the goodwill of notaries who wanted to do us a favor because it was adoption paperwork.

Seding off our I-600A form to the Dept. of Homeland Security. Getting so close to being done!

We are just waiting on one more thing before we can send our documents off to Uganda — our appointment with the USCIS (dept. of US citizenship) office in Seattle where we will get photos and fingerprinted (again) for the completion of our I-171H form. Once that’s done we’ll send our Dossier (that’s what you call all these documents and our homestudy put together) off to Uganda.  Then……………’s just wait, wait, wait for a phone call from our agency saying they’ve got a baby for us!



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