Sanyu Babies Home

20 Aug

Children Of All Nations(our agency, whom I will refer to as CAN from now on) has adoption programs in 14 different countries.  They just launched their Uganda program in December 2010 and have a representative from Uganda working to establish relationships with orphanages. They are in contact with a few different orphanages and hope to develop new relationships with more orphanages throughout Uganda, but at this time they are only doing adoptions with one orphanage called Sanyu Babies Home.  Sanyu is a very reputable and stable orphanage that consistently exhibits ethical practices.  Click on the link and check out their website!  I have downloaded and printed out many of their quarterly newsletters from the past few years and it has been so encouraging to read about how they are caring for so many babies.  I trust our agency and this orphanage and I believe they are giving the best care possible to these orphans.

I read their most recent newsletter a few weeks ago.  They had a list of all the babies that have come to their home in the past quarter.  Most of them were abandoned, several as young as just a few days old.  Our child could be one of those babies I read about!  ISN’T THAT SO CRAZY??  One thing we are super excited about is that when we go to Uganda to pick up our baby, we will get to stay at Sanyu for at least TWO WEEKS and work in the orphanage with all the babies!  DREAM.COME.TRUE.  Sanyu is used to having volunteers work at their orphanage.  In fact, they depend on it!  They even have a guesthouse for volunteers to stay while they’re working and this is where we will stay as well. 

*UPDATE:  12/29/2011  We are no longer working with Children of All Nations. For more on that, see this post.  Because we have switched agencies, we won’t be adopting from Sanyu any longer, seeing as our new agency is not working with Sanyu but is working with several other orphanages in Uganda.  I’ve decided to leave this post up because it is part of our adoption journey and I still believe Sanyu is a wonderful orphanage that does all they can to love and care for orphans.

2 Responses to “Sanyu Babies Home”

  1. Natalie Koprowski August 21, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    Heck yes! I want one!

  2. cara October 22, 2011 at 3:14 am #

    Hello! I came across your blog while doing a search on Uganda orphans…I just returned from several weeks in Uganda doing volunteer work and spent several days at Sanyu. I am thrilled to learn of your upcoming adoption—and cannot wait to see who you are matched with. Those sweet babies haunt me…I fell in love with them and grieved deeply when I left. Uganda was life changing for me…but I am filled with hope when I read stories like yours. Best wishes…

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